Select German language KML-ConverterTool for the Becker navigation systems Z201, Z100, Z..., Active, Ready und Professional with IGO8 System.


Current Version

Version 1.701 from 25.3.2016


  • Read of SpeedcamUpdates.spb files


Version 1.607 from 10.12.2011


  • Tool to switch On-Off GPSlogs in the Navidesktop without connection to a PC.


Version 1.606 from 9.11.2011


  • Support of the series Active, Ready und Professional with IGO8



Version 1.604 from 8.2.2010


  • Automatic creation of error protocols
  • User Interface modified (Labels)
  • Bugfix loading icons and caption on language switch


Version 1.603 from 12.5.2010


  • Bugfix Multi ASC import
  • Speedcam import


Version 1.601 from 15.3.2010


  • KML-Import modified
  • Multi ASC import


Version 1.507 from 17.2.2010


  • User Interface modified


Version 1.506 from 17.2.2010


  • ASC (CSV) Import extendet 
  • ASC (CSV) Bugfix
  • ASC (CSV) Bugfix Comma in Text
  • SpeedCam - Files import
  • Programm with Installer


Version 1.101 from 2.9.2009


  • Support .png - format for Icons
  • Bugfix for read .bmp -format
  • Changed KML - format  reading


Version 1.101 German from 11.9.2009


Version 1.101 English from 11.9.2009


Older Versions

Version Beta 1.0 English - 13.5.2009


  • English translation


Version Beta 1.0 - 16.3.2009


  • ASC (CSV) import
  • Resizing icons
  • Bitmap Designer 1.1 Beta
  • Edit icons
  • User interface


Version Beta 0.88 - 26.2.2009


  • Revised KML import
  • GPSlog On/Off - Button
  • User interface


Version Beta 0.82






With this tool you are able to include KML-files with an icon to the Becker Z201, Z100, Z..., Active, Ready und Professional with IGO8 System.

New function in Version 1.607 On-Off GPSlogs

Tool to switch On-Off GPSlogs in the Navidesktop without connection to a PC. 

You can find this menu in the path Media/Games/KmlKonverterToolService.

This is the menu in the Becker Navi to switch on - off the GPSlog.


New function "Multi read ASC file"  in version 1.601

Collect several ASC-files to one KML-file.
Requirements: All files are in one folder. ASC-files and Icon-files have the same name.

Aldi.asc Aldi.bmp
Lidl.asc Lidl.bmp

First use function  "Multi read ASC file"  to read the root icon.
Then select the ASC-files. Use the file selection in Windows style.

Example: root name is Discounter.
Then you get this structur:

Discounter    I
I-  Aldi
I-  Lidl

After this, save the KML-file and the icon using "Save icon" to the Becker navigation system.


 ! Attention !

Use at own risk.
The developer does not take responsibility for disadvantages.

The software is freeware, if used privately.

Commercial use only with the agreement of the developer.

By downloading and/or using the software you have accepted the conditions mentioned before.

  System requirements:
  • KML-files saved on the pc
  • An icon-file at 22x22 pixel as a bmp saved on the pc
  • Service Release 1 installed on the Becker navigation system
  • Becker navigation system connected over USB to the pc
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.4  or higher installed
  • Primarily OS Windows XP or higher


If there appears an error message like this at start up:
"Application failed to start because side-by-side configuration is incorrect
we advise to install the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)"

  Exemplary procedure:
  • Connect the Becker navigation system over USB to the PC.
  • Open the program.
  • "Load icon" respectively "Create icon"

(The screenshots will be updated soon)

The loaded icon will be shown as a small preview next to the filename.
The icon can yet be edited with the Bitmap Designer by clicking on "Edit icon".

  • "Load KML file" respectively "Read ASC file"
  • Characters like: < > &   are not allowed in the text. They are parsed as control characters.

Now the icon is connected to the KML file and the KML file is corrected in view to control characters and umlauts.

  • Execute "Save icon" and "Save KML file" in the next step.

The size of the icon can be adjusted with the dialog showing up when saving the icon.

The following list can be used as a clue:

    22x22 - Standard
    32x32 - Large, comfortable
    48x48 - Very large, may cover parts of the map


The icon will be saved in the directory \IGO8\my_icons.
The KML file will be saved in the directory \IGO8\CONTENT\userdata\poi\ .

After disconnecting from USB the Becker navigation system reboots and generates the required files.
This procedure may take some time. Please do not switch off.

Afterwards, you have to select the new category under

"Settings -> Navigation settings -> Map info -> Select POI categories -> Select POIs"

to display the POIs.


Import of  Speedcam - Files  (Danger spots) SpeedcamUpdates.spb

Import Speedcam - File "SpeedCam Update"

Disconnect the Becker navigation system from the PC and start the Becker navigation system.

After that change the settings in :

"Settings -> Navigation settings -> Danger spots"

! Attention !

To change the settings you must have a GPS signal!


Last Update 11.11.2019